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Self Managed Super Funds

Self Managed Super Funds are a vehicle that allows you to manage your own retirement savings and not leave it to the large fund managers. There are different reasons for having your own SMSF, but it is a decsion that should be taken seriously and with expert advice.

At Chelle Corporation, we understand the importance of a good SMSF and for that reason have set up a website that focusses purely on this. So to find out more and get assistance on your own SMSF, visit our website at www.mysmsuper.com.

Why create your own SMSF?

There are different reasons to set up your own, but below are the common ones:

  • Control - you are in control of the movement of funds in and out of the fund.
  • Greater input into decision making - normal supperannuation funds allow you to choose your risk profile, but that is where it ends. With an SMSF you help decide the individual investment choices.
  • Can purchase real property - you can purchase real property (residential or commercial), rather tha just invest into a property trust.
  • Able to borrow - many lenders now offer financial products to borrow money in a SMSF. This can allow you to increase your overall investment.
  • Estate planning - you can have up to 4 members in a SMSF. This is great for some families.
  • Tax concessions - as the maximum tax rate in a complying supperannuation fund is 15%, this can be a great vehicle for holding long term investment assets if you are paying higher tax.

What our Clients Say

Mac Labels

Brian & Pauline McCristal

Our company Macs Labels P/L was only just ticking over and was more of a hobby business operating out of our home back in 1994? Our accountant at the time (large company) did not seem to have that great an interest in our operation and we seemed to be only just another number to them. We were introduced to Michelle Wi

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Locksmith Trader Pty Ltd

Eric Higgs

I have been under the spell of Chelle Corporation for over 13 years and have not only enjoyed first rate service but friendly and timely advice to keep my business operating correctly. I have recommended several friends to their services and would do so again in the knowledge that they will be looked after in the same

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Metro Wholesalers

Imraan Nathie

I am very pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Michelle Wilson. I have known Michelle for approximately fourteen years and have used her accounting service for the better part of six years. My Company engaged the services of Chelle Corporation because I valued Michelle’s advice and found her work to be on

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